University of Karachi: Let me rant about it! A peek preview into ‘Shit that happens’

14 Jun

Educational involvement becomes rather serious and impactful when one decides to enroll into a University for ‘undergraduate studies’. Investing four years in order to attain a complete specialization in one field is a good chunk of your youth. However these years are compensated if the students receive a good education and environment, unfortunately a few students at University of Karachi regret these four years rather than cherish them. However the majority of students graduate from this institution with uplifting experiences and are quite oblivious to the corrupt roots that tangle many students and their educational flair. Hold on tight readers, and don’t hesitate from letting me know what you think!

I chose to write about this because I believe that there are many students out there who are being silenced into authoritative submission which eventually leads to a rot of talent and knowledge. Teachers are meant to be a source of hope and encouragement, and if that sounds too idealistic for some people, teachers should at least be symbolic representations of a just educational responsibility. Surprisingly enough, some of these educators take their responsibility of ‘creating a healthy and productive learning environment’ rather lightly which breeds a system of no accountability. Please keep in mind that this article is aimed at the majority who chooses to remain silent, or at times is forced into silence, not all the teachers; professors and instructors in our country are heartless. I have encountered some teachers who still have a special place in my heart, they taught me how to grow as an individual. However my undergraduate experience taught me ‘what not to be’, a corrupt and submissive learner in the future.

University of Karachi is a well-reputed institution in Pakistan, however as a former student of the International Relations Department, I can say with surety that it’s a dangerous place to be for those with ‘open mind and mouth’. There will only be a handful of those teachers who will appreciate and harness your mind and mouth in the right place, however the majority doesn’t bother with the intellectual or social development of a student.

If you speak against the voice of authority, then you MUST suffer the consequences.

I was the sinful idiot who chose to question “Professor Bite Me” rhetorical verbal frustration, in return I was pretty much banned from representing the most respectable conference of that year. In spite of that Professor Bite Me’s derogatory comments towards me, I chose to maintain a sense of rationalism and was careful about my tone and wordings whilst answering him back. No good came of my calm sense of retort, instead I was issued a letter that ‘disciplinary action’ will be taken against me unless I apologized. Let me inform you readers, that I merely replied back to Professor Bite Me when he expressed his disconcert over my outburst of laughter and words at the “photocopying shop” with my class mates. Our exam had just ended and we were having a laugh outside classrooms, but oh what a dramatic evil we had committed! Professor Bite Me decides to show up and vent his frustration, after getting a reply from me, he decides to insult me and my family! Oh the joys of being an undergraduate adult student at University of Karachi! Anyway, Professor Bite Me got his way in the end, I had to write a darn letter of acknowledgement about the unfortunate incident, hence clearing his name and reinstating him as “Professor Everyone Hates”.

This small event concocted itself into a battle of his gigantic ego, and to this day he continues to badger and insult students. One would think that being a student at University would allow us to grow and be treated as adults, but no, Bite Me and a few of his followers insist on treating the student population like shit. I must however admit that this particular Professor has a way with words, his dictionary for “defaming students” includes words such as “cats and dogs”, “jaahil log jinke maa baap ne pata nahi kya sikhaya hai” and much more!

Enjoy your hell-ish stay at this institution, some of your past-times will include needless grovelling and sucking up to teachers. There will be the occasional moment where you WILL be marked low even though you may have done sufficient research and produced a good argument in your exam essay! C’est horrible! I understand that I haven’t given a detailed account of the events which followed prior to the event, however I hope that my story is enough to relate to for those who feel they can’t grow and speak up as adult students in an institution. Many people choose to remain quiet and not speak up even if they notice an abuse of authority, their silence prevents them from being in the threatening limelight of ‘low grades’ and a ‘bad reputation’.

Many students experience repercussions for words and actions unworthy of any concern whatsoever, sometimes authoritative figures penalize the youth for reasons of ego and resilient dominance. Sadly, most of the time these students have to give into their demands of unnecessary submission and remain quiet.

My single incident of an unfortunate nature doesn’t mean that the rest of the students don’t graduate with positive feedback. I would love to hear from all of you out there, especially those imprisoned within an institution they don’t want to be in! 😀

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