The Sketchbook Project 2013! Participate :)

1 May


Normally, I blog about specific things which have a direct relevance to the perimeters I live within, but this time it’s different!


Because it’s worth it.

Tonight I was going through the numerous tweets on my laptop screen, and I came across a short link which I clicked on and read up on a purely genius idea which emanated beautiful creativity! This is the link:

It’s titled “The Sketchbook Project 2013” and people who participate will get their sketchbooks placed in the Brooklyn Art Library. In order to be a part of this exciting venture, all you need to do is pay up a bit and get your very own sketchbook all the way to your address, which you can fill with photos, cut outs, poems, pictures, stories or travel experiences.

The dynamics are diverse for each sketchbook, you can choose whichever category you like the best, and throughout the year you can avail the opportunity to fill in that ‘recycled paper’ sketchbook with anything you feel like. Another wondrous and appealing characteristic to it is its invitation to all those creative minds out there, regardless of the location, age or profession.

After filling it in and before the submission deadline, you can send it back to those who have brought life to this artistic concept, from there onwards they promise to take care of your sketchbook and keep you updated on its whereabouts when on road trips. Eventually it will reach the Brooklyn Art Library (BAL) where it will remain forever! Don’t worry though, cause you can always sneak a peek if you visit the Library. Imagine having a piece of your work in the Library for people to look up 🙂

Art House is “an independent Brooklyn based company that organizes global, collaborative art projects” as mentioned on the Sketchbook Project website, and they’re the master minds who are responsible for this beautiful sketchbook prodigy. Here’s the link if you’d like to read up on it, .

Wouldn’t it be great if Pakistan came up with such an inter-active idea, or does one already exist? I would love your feedback here or through email at:



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